Trust us managing your oral health

Built in your pocket for a better and safer dental experience.

During the test period its free.

Start your dental care from home

Preventive care would be one of the most effective and cheapest way to improve and maintain health.

Combining dental practices and „your favourite dentist’s professional knowledge” with machine learning and AI, we create a better way to evaluate your dental health. An application to use in the comfort of your home. Safe and sound. Directionals, personalized possible treatment options without anxiety.

You only need your phone.

Just take a couple of pictures.

Dental appointment for tomorrow.

Dentist appointment for tomorrow, and can’t sleep at night?

Scary days are over!
No need to afraid of dental treatment anymore.

Most of us feel anxiety about dentists and dental problems.
With DentaLive, you will receive dental directionals before your appointment and you will know, what will happen in the dentist’s chair.


Why DentaLive?

Dental practices are key COVID-19 focal points because most of the treatments involve aerosol formation, which is a critical element in spreading the virus.

Patients who would go to a dental office are potentially at risk of catching the virus. Therefore, dentists must find a solution to facilitate the planning of treatments and triage patients before visiting the dental office.

With DentaLive, we could lower the risk together.
And many more.

Download our application and enjoy its outstanding features:

  • cheap and simple dental web-screening, while sitting on your couch
  • receive personalized counseling and possible treatment options
  • clear explanation about the course of the treatments
  • elder, disabled relatives could have directionals safely
  • avoid dental overtreatment due to second opinions

Key benefits

Evaluating on Zoom or Skype is not efficient.
Asynchronous teledentistry is the future. Our solution is not real time and it fits to the latest ADA guidence.

Keep yourself safe - Dentalive

Keep yourself safe

Professional medical directionals at home
Easy to use - Dentalive

Easy to use

Take a couple of pictures and fill questionnaires
Perosalized directionals - Dentalive

Personalized directionals

Receive your own possible treatment options
Affordable - Dentalive


Different annual packages for everyone
Documentating - Dentalive


We will store your data in protection


Avoid overtreatment - Dentalive

Avoid overtreatment

Always ask for a second opinion


How to use DentaLive?

User friendly, easy and smooth. Let’s see how to create your profile for dental evaluation with DentaLive.

Dentalive - Teledenistry solutions

Choose your plan

Find the best for your needs to keep up your dental health.



Fill out information about your dental health.


Clear instructions

Easy as one-two-three. You just read and follow them.


Choose your dentist

Invite your own or let DentaLive to choose you a dentist.


Collect directionals

Collect and keep all your evaluations and directionals safe.

Machine learning and AI in the service of your oral health


If we combine professional dental knowledge and experience with tons of data, something extraordinary happens: a virtual assistant would born. Machine learning could expand nationwide our teledentistry solution and can evaluate your dental health like never before. Directionals under seconds with possible treatment options especially for you.


“AI is the next episode for preventive oral care. It’s a win-win situation.”
Gabor, CEO

Welcome aboard

Happy to have you here! Our crew is dedicated to ethical, transparent and innovative dental practices. It’s and honor to show you our solution. Enjoy the application and if you like it, rate it.

Brush your teeth, take some photos and send to the dentist.

Dentalive - Welcome aboard
Dentalive - Welcome aboard
Dentalive - Welcome aboard
Dentalive - Welcome aboard
Dentalive - Welcome aboard
Dentalive - Welcome aboard
Dentalive - Welcome aboard
Dentalive - Welcome aboard
Dentalive - Welcome aboard
Dentalive - Welcome aboard
Dentalive - Welcome aboard
Dentalive - Welcome aboard


Download, and enjoy the benefits of DentaLive application.